Presenters are the wonderful people who volunteer their time back to the newest generation of National Youth Science Camp delegates. They are professors, mentors, inventors, and leaders of nearly every variety.  Many, (though not all) are alumni, but they all generously share their expertise and knowledge with the delegation to the NYSC.

Mr. Steve Blasberg
West Valley College

Dr. Doug Brash
Yale School of Medicine

Dr. Nate Cady

Mr. Daniel Carr
NYSC Staph

Mr. Gavin Caupp
NYSC Staph

Dr. Steve Chang
New York Stem Cell Foundation

Dr. Chuck Clevenger
Northwestern University

Dr. Jim Culberson
WVU Health Sciences Center

Mr. Allan Daly
Marovo Medical Foundation

Mr. Jeff Gilbert
Standard Solar Inc.

Mr. Elijah Goodwin
Whimbrel Nature

Lisa Grant
Shell Exploration and Production

George Gu
Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Pte Lte.

Dr. David Hackleman
Oregon State University

Ms. Karla-Luise Herpoldt
Imperial College London

Ms. Lauren Holloway
Youth Villages AmeriCorps

Ms. Emily Holmes

Dr. Crystal Hubbard
WV Dept. of Health and Human Resources

Dr. Katie Inderbitzen
Univ. of Alaska, Fairbanks

Ms. Sarah Kuegle
NYSC Staph

Mr. Terry Levoy
Northrop Grumman Corporation

Dr. Jay Lockman
National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Dr. Mac Louthan
Savannah River National Laboratory

Mr. Dave Masunaga
Iolani School

Dr. Paul Miller
West Virginia University

Ms. Diane Miller
Northrop Grumman Corporation

Dr. Aaron Morris

Dr. Zoon Nguyen

NYSC Outdoor Staph

Dr. Ralph Oberly
Marshall University

Mr. Dan Perahya
High Tech HS

Mrs. Mallory Perahya
Interior Design and Sales

Mr. Jordan Perry
NYSC Staph

Dr. D.J. Pisano
West Virginia University

Mr. Shiva Rajagopal
NYSC Staph

Dr. Julie Robinson

Mrs. Kristen Sanfilippo

Mr. Jonathan Sanfilippo

Dr. Mike Schreck
Analysis Group

Dr. Earl Scime
West Virginia University

Ms. Kylie Stevens
Youth Villages AmeriCorps

Dr. Walter Stromquist

Dr. Jim Tucker

Dr. Pam Twigg
Florida State University

Dr. Rick Walker, MD
Marshall University

Dr. Alyson Wilson
North Carolina State University