NYSC in Washington, DC!

Today the 2014 delegates and staph are traveling to Washington, D.C.  After a tour and lunch at Ayrshire Farm, in Upperville, VA, they will be peregrinating to and around the nation’s capitol.  Later in the evening (around 6:30 pm) the delegates will be walking around the National Mall Monuments, starting at the White House.  Friends and family are welcome to join delegates for a few hours as they visit the monuments*!

Additional events for the week include (in no particular order): Senate Luncheon, Smithsonian Museum tours, Case Studies in Science Policy by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a tour of Orbital Sciences, and Forensic workshops at the National Museum of Crime and Punishment.  The delegates will be heading back to camp on July 18th!

*Delegates should also have cell phone service if their phones work in the United States.  We have a busy few days ahead of us; look for more updates on July 18th!

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